About Officeserv

Officeserv is run by Angela McIntyre who has over 20 years of clerical experience and is meticulous with paperwork. Angela is a Member of the International Association of Bookkeepers who for the purposes of Money Laundering Regulations is one of the appointed HMRC supervisory bodies for Accountancy Service Providers, they also provide invaluable support to Bookkeepers. Officeserv holds the following Certificates:
  • IAB Practising Certificate
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • IAB Diploma in Computerised Bookkeeping : Credit
  • Pitmans Level 2 Computerised Accounts : First Class
  • Pitmans Level 2 Bookkeeping and Accounts : First Class
  • Woodgrove Tutorials Course in Payroll & Self Assessment
  • Woodgrove Tutorials Advanced Bookkeeping & Accounts
Officeserv is committed to providing a friendly cost effective service particularly to Small Business and Sole Traders who struggle to find the time to run an office. Paperwork piles up, that's what it does well and we believe the answer is to let us deal with your paperwork while you run your business.

Is this your working week? Out all day then poring over paperwork half the night? It doesn't have to be.

Terms of Business

Please find below an extract of our Conditions of Business.


It is both a requirement of the law relating to the provision of services and also good professional practice to set out clearly in writing the terms and conditions upon which we provide you with professional services.

Service Quality

1. We shall endeavour to ensure that we provide you with an efficient, cost effective and high quality service in relation to the work provided.

2. You agree to ensure that any information we need from you in relation to the work provided will be accurate, complete and given to us promptly to ensure that we are able to produce the work. We cannot be responsible for instructions which are late, incomplete or inadequate. It will also assist us if you notify us immediately of:-

a) Any significant changes in, or to, the information that you give or have given us
b) Any other relevant fact, issue or circumstance which may affect the work being carried for you.

Confidential Information

We shall not disclose any confidential information which we obtain as a result of carrying out work for you to any other person or party

Electronic Communication

1. It is common to communicate and exchange documentation by e-mail and we have agreed that this is a practical way to exchange and provide work accordingly.

2. We shall not be obliged to accept instructions which are conveyed by e-mail alone, unless these instructions are provided by yourself and we will only respond to e-mails to the e-mail address provided by yourself.

3. We shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that electronic communications that are sent by us are free from viruses and any other material which may cause inconvenience or harm to any other computer. You undertake to do likewise with any electronic communications you send us.

4. The transmission of information by e-mail over the internet or otherwise has inherent risks. Such information may be lost, delayed, intercepted by unauthorised third parties, corrupted or otherwise altered, rendered incomplete or fail to be delivered. You acknowledge the risks with the transmission of information by e-mail and agree that we will not have any responsibility or liability to you on any basis in respect of any error, omission, claim or loss arising from or in connection with the electronic transmission of information from outside interference.

Storage of Working papers

Unless otherwise agreed, we shall keep our working papers and any papers or documents prepared for you (but still remaining on our files). These will be held for at least six years or until such time as our Agreement with you is terminated and you require return of all such papers and documents accordingly.